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18 janvier 2010





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 This past week the whole world has been watching the tragedy unfolding in Haiti. The most vulnerable Country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world, has suffered one of the greatest disasters in its history. The earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude which hit Haiti last week, has killed tens if not hundreds of thousands while millions were injured and are now homeless.

 His Eminence Metropolitan Athenagoras learned of the disaster while in Greece for meetings with Government Officials concerning the Holy Metropolis. Efforts were made immediately to contact our two Haitian clergy, Fr Barnabas Jerome Euginst and Fr Pavlos Baby Petit Homme and their families. By the Grace of God, just yesterday, His Eminence was informed that both clergy and their families are fine and were not hurt in the earthquake.

 Immediately upon hearing the news of the earthquake, His Eminence Metropolitan Athenagoras contacted His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew who conveyed his concern and prayers for the well being of our clergy and our faithful, and for all the people of Haiti. His All Holiness offered his support and that of the Ecumenical Throne to assist in whatever is needed, and directed His Eminence to do everything within his power for the benefit of the people of Haiti. While in Greece this past week, Metropolitan Athenagoras has been in meetings with officials of the Greek Government, the Archbishop of Athens, the NGO for the Church of Greece “Solidarity”, the president of the medical Society, “Doctors without borders” and the United States NGO IOCC, in order to prepare a proper plan of response this major catastrophy. Appeals were also made throughout Greece and Cyprus for financial aid upon the directive of His Holiness, Patriarch Bartholomew, the Archdiocese of America and the Holy Metropolis of Canada have been asked to make a special appeal to their faithful for immediate assistance.

 Presently in cooperation with the Greek Government, the Church of Greece and the medical Society in Greece, it is expected that within the next ten days, His Eminence Metropolitan Athenagoras, the Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece, the General Director of the NGO “Solidarity” of the Church of Greece, and the president of the Medical Society of Greece will travel to Haiti to distribute sorely needed medical supplies.

 His Eminence noted that is a tragedy of immense proportions which will need months and years of help. Hence while concentrating on the immediate problem of getting nessary medical supplies to Haiti, Metropolitan Athenagoras is already planning for a more long tern aid program which will be concentrated on the rebuilding of the lives of our Orthodox Haitian faithful and our ministry in Haiti, including the rebuilding of our schools and the homes of our clergy. Following his anticipated trip to Haiti sometime next week, His Eminence will appoint a committee of clergy and laity who will travel with him to Haiti the first week of pursue and accomplish these long term goals.

 With whatever funds collected from the Orthodox Churches and individual faithful throughout the world, Metropolitan Athenagoras expects to purchase non perishable food, small gas burners for cooking, electric generators, blankets sleeping bags and tents to take to Haiti and distribute to our faithful and all those in need of our help. At present His Eminence appears to all the faithful to make whatever donation possible towards a special fund set up for Haiti.

 Donation can be sent to: ORTHODOX MISSIONS MEXICO – HAITI FUND, 708 HUNBURY DRIVE, DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS 60016. Additionally, Bank deposits can be made directly to CITIBANK F.S.B. - #271070801 – SWIFT CODE CITI US 33 for the account of ORTHODOX MISSIONS MEXICO – 708 HANBURY DRIVE – DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS 60016- CUENTA DE CHEQUES #800775353.

 Metropolitan Athenagoras asks for your prayers in behalf of our Orthodox brethren and the people of Haiti, that our Heavently Lord will grant them the strength and comfort to overcome this most unfortunate tragedy. Finally all of the Parishes of our Holy Metropolis are directed to offer a memorial prayer (Trisagion) this coming Sunday February 24th for those killed by the earthquake and that a special tray be passed, the funds of which will be used to purchase aid for Haiti.


00 52 55 5294 4460 / 00 52 55 5294 2678 (Fax)

Email metropolimexico@yahoo.com.mx


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